Welcome to R&M Pools Service



Hi !  I’m Randy Ryden, owner of R&M Pool Service.

If you are looking for the best pool service in
North San Diego County, then you found it.

I’ve been servicing pools in this area for over 30 years.

Here’s something you should know about most pool services.  The guy that drops by every week to check the chemicals doesn’t need to know how your pool systems work, or how to fix them when they stop working. 

If you are having a problem, give me a call.  I can often stop by that day to take a look.  Give me a call on my cell at (619) 838-7160. We complete most repairs within 48 hours.

When we take care of your pool, you will have a trained expert keeping an eye on everything.  I use my experience to spot problems before they require expensive solutions. If something wears out or breaks, I’ll fix it quickly.  You won’t have any down time; and I’ll always be looking for ways to save you money.

My pledge to you is:

–  Your pool is going to look great, and

–  I will save you money wherever I can.

Give me a call on my cell at (619) 838-7160.

I’ll be happy to stop by, check your pool, and discuss what I can do for you.