Salt Water Pools

If you want to take the effort out of balancing the chlorine levels in your pool, and reduce the amount of chlorine needed it’s time to move up to a salt water pool. Salt water pools are easy to maintain, better for your skin, and much more comfortable to swim in. Here’s an overview on making the switch from a chlorinated pool to a salt water swimming pool.

First you need to purchase a chlorine generator and update the electric service to handle the upgrade. The chlorine generator will be located in the line that leads from the pool pump back to the pool.   You simply cut the piping, insert the generator, hook up the control wires to the generator control panel, then plug the control panel into the new service receptacle. If possible, drain the water from your pool and give the entire pool a good cleaning.

Pour the right amount of solar salt into your pool. You need it to be about 2,600 – 3,200 ppm (parts per million). This requires 10 – 12 bags of salt for a 25,000 gallon pool. You are best off adding the salt one bag a ta a time and spread the salt over the entire pool surface. Check your generator control panel for the salt level after each bag – it can take about an hour or more to give the best reading and remember the pool pump should be left on during this entire process.

After you’ve reached the desired salt levels, allow the pump to run continuously for a few day.  Re-check your salt levels,  they should start to level off and hold steady. You can now begin running your pool pump about 5 -8 hours daily.

Check your salt level weekly. It should take a while to gradually drop, unless you have heavy rains. Keep a few bags of solar salt on hand though, for the times when you do need to add a bit.