Water Chemistry


Maintaining swimming pool water chemistry is part science and part art.  Monitoring and adjusting the chemistry is an essential part of maintaining a safe and desirable swimming pool.  Chemicals that we use include: disinfectants to destroy harmful  or objectionable organisms; Alkalinity and pH Adjusters to maintain a consistent balance between acid and base; Chlorine Stabilizers to prevent unnecessary loss of chlorine, and Algicide to kill and prevent algae.

Each time we visit we test the chemistry of your pool.  Science tells us what to do to correct an imbalance.  We also use out knowledge of your pool and how it has been reacting to contaminants and the environment to apply treatment that will bring the pool to the optimal chemistry over the coming week.  The use of history and trends is a bit of an art.

If you are interested in more information about swimming pool water chemistry, just follow the link to an excellent article on the factors which affect water chemistry, how they affect swimming pools and how to use pool chemicals to restore a properly balanced water chemistry.