Pool Repair


We have been in business in San Diego County for over thirty five years.  As we gained experience, the pools in the area kept growing older.  Many of the builders hire great companies that do a terrific job building your pool.  However, the passage of time, the elements and sometimes poor maintenance do a number on them.  Our service customers know we will work with them if any of the major components need repair.

If you see a problem developing with your pool,
just give us a call at 619-838-7160.

Here are a few of the items that keep us busy:

Filter replacements

Filters are needed to remove organic material from the water or they will quickly turn into a swamp. The housings and internal last 10 to 15 years.  As they age the internals can breakdown and the filter performance starts to degrade. Often, we will find a crack in the casing signaling that it is time to replace it. 

Pump and pump motor replacements

Pumps move water through the filter and possibly the chlorinator.  When either the pump motor or the pump dies of old age, you will know it.

Skimmer box repair;

Important to the filtering process and removal of leaves and bugs, the boxes are a common source of leaks.


Important for proper function and operations timing of all of the components keeping your pool clean and at the correct temperature.  They often last for years but when they die they need to be replaced quickly.  Sometimes they misbehave because of a loose wire or a corroded connection.

Heater, gas and solar:

Heating extends your season and makes the pool much more fun.  However, the life of your gas heater can be shortened or extended by your careful attention to water chemistry.  We believe the extra 5 to 10 years of life that you will see from your heater will go a long way to pay for regular maintenance service.  We keep the chemistry optimized for extended heater life.

Valves and Piping;

These small components are often a source of leaks as they age.  You have to stay on the watch for small leaks.

Tile and Deck Repair;

These surfaces need to be in goo condition for your pool to look nice and remain an attractive feature.  As they age, settle, or begin to show other problems, we can make repairs that bring these surfaces back to life.  We can work magic in blending repairs and avoid the need for major rework.